Best 5 Doormats for Cleaning Shoes 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

Shoes can get dirty when people walk in dirt or snow. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to clean them before you step inside the house? That is why we have created this list of Top 5 Doormats for Cleaning Shoes.

We have taken into account the size, shape, and material of each mat so that you can find one that suits your needs best!

This article will help you find a doormat that will keep your home cleaner and more inviting.

What characteristics distinguish a doormat from one that is merely decorative? If they’re constructed of a material that is durable enough to clean the dust and mud off your shoes.

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They may be seen as the first line of defense, placed outside our homes. As a result, you should use a doormat to keep dirt and mud out of your house.

List of DoorMats For Cleaning Your Shoes:

1. Kemf Coir Outdoor Doormat:

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The Kemf Coir Outdoor Doormat is made from 100% natural coconut fiber, ensuring that you have a product that will have a great texture and feel.

The doormat has an 18-inch width by 30-inch length which provides enough room for guests to be able to track dirt into the house.

Featuring a large “Welcome” message, it’s perfect for showing off your home’s individuality.

The doormat also keeps mud and dirt away from your floors so there are no accidents with wet feet slipping on the flooring! Add this outdoor mat to your cart now.

Keeping your floors clean is vital for you and your family’s health. The Kemf Coir Outdoor Doormat saves you time scrubbing stubborn dirt, dust, grit, mud, grass, or snow off of your shoes.

This doormat absorbs the wet particles that are stuck on footwear reducing shoe scuff marks before they happen so it can save you from having to deal with carpet stains over time.

With well-placed entrance mats at every door in the house, you can also protect all floor surfaces – whether wood floors or tile or if you have other types of flooring- by preventing interior damage caused by dirt that gets tracked into the house.

Kemf Coir Outdoor Doormat is an entryway mat made of 100% coconut fiber for outdoor spaces. It’s long-lasting, colorfast, and can be used both wet or dry.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Attractive pattern, has nonslip rubber backing
  • Coir mat is very thin which might not be ideal for areas with high traffic.

2. Rubber-Cal Doormat:

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The Rubber-Cal Doormat is a stylish, modern way to welcome your guests. It gives a pretty detail of the tree in the center and the brown background is a natural representation for a doormat placed at an entrance with dirt on it.

The mat features rubber backing to prevent sliding and comes in 4 sizes: small (5′ x 3′), medium (6′ x 4′) large (8′ x 6′) or XLarge (10’x8′).

Chemical-free refuse solutions provide family homes and business environments the benefits of preventing unwanted pests from introducing themselves into living spaces through dog waste.

With a not-so-subtle nod to our ever-unpredictable lives and the dirty footprints, we may leave behind, Rubber Cal’s doormat is both friendly and functional.

Made of long-lasting material that will endure through all the seasons with its modern shape, the rubber mat features an inviting coir surface for those who like their arrivals as fresh as possible.

Efficiently shake off extra grime after every rainstorm or vacuum away stubborn dirt – Rubber-Cal leaves room on your doorstep for one more friend or loved one.

The Rubber-Cal Doormat is a large, stylish doormat that can be used in place of conventional floor mats or runners.

Designed to provide ample coverage with a 5/8th inch thickness and made from high-quality rubber, this mat will catch dirt and debris while preserving floors.

Constructed for double door setups or as runners, the Rubber-Cal Doormat comes in 24 x 57 inches measurements so it works great on larger areas or exterior entrances.

The mat is easily cleaned with soap and water when dirty making it an economical choice for homes, apartments, condos, etc… This is a must-have!

  • Extremely durable and tough, the Rubber-Cal Doormat will not tear or fray under heavy foot traffic. It is a dependable mat that will not slip or bunch.
  • The Rubber-Cal Doormat is just the right size, making it easy to bring inside for cleaning.
  • The Rubber-Cal Doormat is a great doormat but it will not look as stylish as the other mats on this list.
  • This mat is rubber, so it can get scuffed up pretty easily if you are not careful about where you place it.

3. Mibao Half Round Door Mat:

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Introducing the Mibao Half Round Door Mat, designed to keep your porch clean and debris-free. Ideal for outdoor use, this doormat features 100% natural rubber that’s harvested from trees that have been carefully selected to ensure a high quality of sap content.

Plus the material is completely eco-friendly- making it not only great for your yard but also safe and healthy for you and your family members (yes, even those furry friends!).

The Mibao mat has higher durability than many similar doormats on the market today because we’ve built in an updating technology that doesn’t wear out or fade away like most doormats typically do over time.

Evict dirt and grime from your home before they damage the surfaces you care about most with a Mibao half-circle mat. The raised pattern anti-slip backing ensures that it can grip on any indoor or outdoor floor type, while the one-half-inch thickness means low clearance doors won’t get stuck.

In addition to being durable, our mats are designed for animals and kids too – pets can run and sprint safely without fear of slipping or scuffing floors. Order yours today.

A simple go-to mat that can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s non-toxic, water-resistant (highly UV protected), and dirt repellent. Mibao mats are highly affordable and offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate surfaces of all shapes and sizes!

What comes next: The heavy-duty polypropylene fiber makes it easy for families with messy socks to clean their shoes before coming inside! With its low profile, it even meets the needs of front door decorators who like the modern sleek look this mat offers them…in any color they choose because these days there are plenty choices ranging from black to browns.

  • This product is great if you need a mat that works for both indoors and outdoors.
  • The Mibao half round door mat does not take up a lot of space and looks nice in front of the door.
  • The Mibao half round door mat is not recommended for very high traffic areas.

4.Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat:

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In your busy, active household dirt and moisture from outside can accumulate on the floor. The Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat is a premium quality rubber doormat that helps to prevent anything from getting inside.

This excellent doormat has a strong rubber border that forms a retention dam to keep unwanted debris at bay – meaning there’s less danger of nasty stuff tracking through the house.

It also features a durable material weave which ensures multitudes of uses before needing to be replaced. Tackle crusted-on mud with regular use or scrub away rainwater for quick dry times – this mat will have your back.

The Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat is a heavy-duty yet soft and flexible mat made with innovative rubberized material. Its sophisticated styling complements any decor.

This mat is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, making it perfect for your front door, walkway, patio/garden area, garage/driveway, barn/shop floor, and many other busy areas of the home.

with its low profile design measuring 29 by 17 inches, this helps to avoid scraping or coming in contact with furniture or objects behind you as you enter through a doorway.

When placed at the base of exterior doors where dirt from shoes is most likely to accumulate on the shoe sole, this elasticized rubber doormat can also help reduce mud and rain into carpets.

The Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat is an innovative, heavy-duty doormat with adhesive qualities that will keep it in place after additional vacuuming. The mat also has a variety of size options to consider depending on your needs.

  • This is an excellent doormat for people who need to get dirt off their shoes before entering inside the house.
  • This doormat is great quality and easy to clean.
  • This product has a very modern look that would work for a sleek front door
  • This mat is not soft enough for some people to use as a doormat in front of the door.
  • The mat is not suitable for high traffic areas and can be slippery if it gets wet.

5.Refetone Indoor Doormat:

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Refetone Indoor Doormat. Yes, it’s a doormat – but this one is so much more than that! Made of high-quality polypropylene fabric and with an absorbent design to help scrape off dirt and keep your floor clean.

Refetone doormats come in lots of different colors and patterns for any decor, perfect for the modern home. This would make a great gift for someone special who needs to take care of their entrances as soon as they walk inside.

Our Refetone Indoor Doormat helps you easily and effectively maintain a clean and dry entrance. The rug is heavily absorbent so movers and numerous guests can come in without worry of damaging your flooring.

Stay safe at home by keeping that front door as clear as possible with the help of this effective mat which will not slip or scuff on smooth floors.

Hours of frustrating mopping and sweeping were finally over. The Refetone Indoor Door Mat is the trusted solution that traps dirt instead of loose dust or debris, saving you time and energy.

Designed specifically for homes with pets (dogs or cats) and children, the dirt trapper’s low profile design allows it to glide smoothly under most doors without catching or curling – even around corners! All your need is a clean sweep over its surface to keep your floors stay spotless.

The Refetone Indoor Doormat has an easy-to-clean solution with a newfound upgrade in technology. A problem that plagued most doormats is the hair fall, leaving it looking like you’re cleaner than you actually are. But now, there’s no worry- the polypropylene fiber won’t fall after multiple times of machine washing!

  • This doormat is great for pet owners.
  • This product has large surface area so it can soak up a lot of dirt and moisture when your door gets opened frequently.
  • The color options are very modern looking which will work great in any home décor.
  • Some people may not like the fact that this mat doesn’t have a soft touch.
  • This mat is not recommended for outdoor use because it will be easily destroyed when getting wet in the rain or snow.

Buyers Guide for Doormats To Clean Shoes:


There are different types of material from which doormats can be made. Rubber or rubber-based is a popular choice because they’re sturdy and long-lasting for outdoor use but also works great as an indoor mat to catch the dust off your shoes before you enter inside the house.

Polypropylene fiber mats on average last up to three years if used indoors while oil polymers provide optimal results when caring for high traffic entrances outside in the mud, dirt, and even snow without getting destroyed. It’s important to read product descriptions carefully so that you know exactly what type of material will fit best with your needs!

Door Mat Size:

This depends very much on personal preference where some people prefer small size mats such as 18 x 30 or 24 x 36 inches while others like to go big with the extra-large mats that measure 54×72″ and above.

Choose a mat-based on your intended usage space. Calculate the length and breadth of the surface area where you want to install the mat. doormats come in different dimensions. Some regions require a cozy floor covering that is smaller in size. You’ll need a bigger doormat with a larger surface area at the doorway, for example, or other important locations.


Doormats are generally on average $30 for basic models, but you can get them cheaper at around $20 if there’s a sale going on of course! If you’re looking to splurge then expect prices to be up in the hundreds of dollars range depending again on what type of material it is made out of along with any other features included.

It should be of excellent quality, robust, and cost-effective. You should search for a doormat that provides the most desirable characteristics at the best price.


The material of the doormat plays a big part in determining its strength and durability. Rubber is an extremely sturdy, long-lasting mat that will not wear or tear easily even when used regularly on exterior entrances.

Polypropylene fiber mats are more delicate than rubber; they can be destroyed by water and heat exposure outside. They’re great when used indoors because they are not very expensive and have a smooth surface.

To prevent mat wear, choose one that is more robust than your shoe soles. You can also try another doormat if the current one has worn out of shape or torn already even after minimal use.


If you have pets or children, choose a doormat that will last for an extended period without getting damaged. If the material is not strong enough to withstand wear and tear, it cannot protect your floors from mud, dirt, and water.

Rubber mats are very long-lasting; they can be used outside on high traffic entrances such as vestibules and lobbies because of their strength against heavy footfall and elements like rainwater. They’re also perfect indoor flooring at entryways where shoes come in contact with them throughout the day.

Polypropylene fiber mats look good but tend to get dirty easily which could require frequent cleaning if there’s traffic going through frequently during wet weather conditions outdoors or just daily activity indoors due to its delicate material.


You want a doormat that is heavy enough to stay in place when you step on it or when there are windy conditions that could cause the mat to move around and block your entrance if not secured well at one point. The heavier mats are typically made of rubber because this material tends to be denser, so they have increased weight compared with other types of materials used for manufacturing them. This factor may depend on where you live too since some areas experience greater winds than others!

Cleaning Properties:

Rubber and polypropylene fiber mats can get dirty very easily; however, their surfaces make these easy to clean by simply wiping them down with soap and. Rubber-based ones will tend to get dirty with mud and dirt more quickly than polypropylene-based ones since the former is a stronger material. These mats do not absorb water but rather repel it, so spills will sit on top of them without penetrating deep into their surface where they can be easily cleaned up using just soap and water or any type of cleaning solution for this purpose.


Choose a mat that has an excellent non-slip backing to prevent slipping accidents when your feet are wet from rainwater or snow which could cause you to slip if there’s a slippery surface underfoot. Rubber gets slick when wet so choose one with good anti-skid properties even in moist conditions outdoors! You also want to avoid clear plastic backings because they could melt from the sun’s rays that reflect off the snow during cold seasons.

This is a great opportunity to use lists in your content! Let’s start with these: – Doormats should have excellent quality, robust material and cost-effective price – Rubber doormat is sturdy, long-lasting and withstands wear and tear well under any conditions outside or inside of buildings – Polypropylene fiber mat has a smooth surface for indoor areas but can get dirty easily so may require multiple cleanings throughout day

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